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Get to know what Whitechapel Projects is all about

Welcome to The Whitechapel Projects (WCP) in Long Branch, N.J. Inspired by the creativity and energy of the Whitechapel District of London, this versatile venue strives to redefine how art permeates our daily life – be it through food, drink, performances, exhibitions, and other forms of artistic expression.

The vision includes a commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly construction in WCP’s current form as well as in future project phases.

The Whitechapel Projects was a creative vision of mine developed over many years. But without this group of creative souls and mentors to help flesh out what it could be, WCP would still be just an idea on a plane, in the night, flying over the Atlantic.

Jenna Zilincar and M studio
Matt Burgermaster and MABU Design
David Cunningham Architecture & Planning
Marlon Valentine and Bakra Services
Marilyn Schlossbach and her Asbury team
Mike Dolan, Head Brewer
Jason Mandia, Esq.
David Vishnia, CPA
Michael Donovan, my business and life mentor
My Mel
My children
My sister
And those in the sky above who look over me …